Horn of Plenty: The Spiritual Meaning of Horn

spiritual meaning of hornSome of us are opposed to wearing animal products. However, since the earliest of times people have adorned themselves with horn. They carved it. They dyed it. They punctured it. They believed in the spiritual meaning of horn.  Wearing horn not only calls to mind a metaphysical connotation of its own, it also calls upon the spirit of the animal to whom the horn belonged. Hence you are getting a double blast of spiritual meaning of horn. When you adorn yourself with horn, you allow that vibration to penetrate your soul. If you meditate on the spiritual meaning of horn, so much the better! So…what is the spiritual meaning of horn that I could meditate upon?

The Spiritual Meaning of Horn

  •  Plenty: We have all heard of the horn of plenty. Possibly, this idea dates back to Greek mythology and beyond. It is said that Zeus was taken care of by attendants, including Amalthea who fed him. He used to play with the goats. One day he broke off one of their horns and from then on the horn provided unending and abundant nourishment for the God.
  • Power of Truth: Specifically, the spiritual meaning of horn is all about the power of truth from good. This spiritual meaning of horn is all over the Old Testament. The ancient Jews used the horn as metaphor, often. In the Bible we hear of the “horn of salvation” and of a horn budding “unto David”. Even today, Jews blow on a horn trumpet called a Shofar to make people reflect on where they are spiritually.
  • Sexuality and Vitality: Pan was a horned God, after all. He cavorted and played imbibing alcohol and having “relations” with all sorts of humans and creatures. However, people all over the world, from ancient times through day use horn as a phallic symbol. When worn, the spiritual meaning of horn infuses all who wear it with this carnal vigor.
  • The power of the animal:  The animal from which the horn was taken will also give its vibration to the mix. A deer will add intuition and grace in the face of challenges. A cow will impart fertility, connection with the earth, and deep, strong power. A sheep will add innocence, gentleness, and childlike qualities. A goat will give you ambition, independence, and curiosity.

Wearing horn is a tradition from our most ancient ancestors. Take on these amazing qualities of horn and feed them into the deepest part of your soul.