The Sacred & Spiritual Meaning of Green

B-greenturq2-1“Do colors have a meaning?,” you ask. Most certainly they do. Every color affects us in very specific ways and has certain connotations that bring to mind specific locations in the body. The meaning of green is no different. We can use these colors from everything to our jewelry selection, to the color we choose to paint our room, to the color we focus on to clear an energy block. So, how does this work and how can we make it work for us?

How does the meaning of green affect our mood?

Green is relaxing and refreshing. It gives us a sense of peace. Researchers believe this is because it is linked to nature. However, colors work on our brain on a deep level, so this is only conjecture. When you want to start a new venture, surround yourself with green as it is the color of new growth and new birth. When you meditate, imagine a green seedling sprouting forth. Then, when you wear green jewelry or clothing, bring to mind that meditative state often throughout the day.krishna flute

The meaning of green in sacred texts

I bet you didn’t know that colors have meanings throughout scriptures. I didn’t know that either, but I was schooled.

  • Judaism & Christianity: In the Bible, colors and their deeper meaning abound. Here the meaning of green is expansive. When the Hebrew word for green is used it is used in relation to growth and food. It is also used to discuss trees that represent nations. The “green tree” is the nation that flourishes. The meaning of green is also associated with rest, as in “lying down in green pastures.” Jesus likened himself to green wood full of the sap of God’s word.
  • Islam: In the Qur’an, green is used to describe the items found in paradise. In paradise we will recline upon green carpets and wear garments of green silk. The dome of Mohammad’s tomb is green.
  • Hinduism: Green is a happy color and is never worn by those grieving. It represents life, joy, and peace. It calms and focuses the mind. In rituals, green leaves are usually part of the offering.
  • Buddhism: In Buddhism, the meaning of green takes on youth and harmony. Wearing or meditating on green can transform jealousy into action, accomplishment, and wisdom. It is associated with the head.

Clearing blocked energy with the meaning of green

Green is associated, a little unexpectedly if you ask me, with the heart chakra. In our society the heart is associated with red, a la Valentine’s Day. Not so, here.  Open your heart and clear the blocked energy by lighting a green candle, concentrating on this color and doing some spinal twists. Dab some rose or clary sage essential oil around your room and after your meditation and stretch, wear green stones, such as green jade for the day.