Meaning of Pearls in Spiritual Traditions

meaning of pearlsSince we are making these lovely pieces of jewelry based around the Gods and Goddesses of various traditions and lifeways, it is only appropriate that we look at pearls the same way. The meaning of pearls can and should be defined in their context to these Gods and Goddesses. Their presence in sacred scripture is ubiquitous. When you realize the importance of this delicate gift of the oyster, any image that is less than glorious will vanish.

The Meaning of Pearls in Religious Texts

The meaning of pearls in Hindi texts is widespread. The Vedic writing, the Garuda Purana, describes the ‘nine pearls’. These are gemstones of various colors and qualities  each representing various deities and are carried or worn to bring different attributes. The natural white pearl is the gem of the Moon. It is the only planetary gem but it is used to bring good luck, intuition, and sexual strength.

It is also thought that Lord Vishnu’s Kaustubha gem was a pearl carved in the form of a calf. It was prized by Vishnu and worn on his breastplate. In Ayurvedic medicine, the meaning of pearls lie in their ties to the moon, as well. They are ground up and used to treat mental illness.

In the Hebrew tradition, the meaning of pearls are likened to a very precious thing. In Eishes Chayil, a special shabbat song, women are pearls meaningdescribed as being more precious than pearls.

The New Testament features the pearl in a significant place. Jesus teaches a parable where he compares the Kingdom of Heaven to a ‘Pearl of Great Price’ that a merchant would sell everything he had to attain. The term ‘pearly gates’ is coined from a verse in the Book of Revelation where each of the twelve gates of heaven are made out of a single pearl. The meaning of pearls as sacred is also found in the adage, “Do not throw pearls before swine,” also from the New Testament.

The Islamic meaning of pearls is equally inspiring. In the Qu’ran, those in heaven will be wearing pearls about their bodies.

Wear your pearls with pride and respect, knowing that they have a long history in any spiritual tradition, of association with the special, the spiritual, and the sacred.