Sacred Stones is a unique collection of jewelry highlighting cherished spiritual iconography from around the world ~ deities, icons, and symbols from Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and other spiritual paths.
Each piece is individually handcrafted by Ariane Hudson using extraordinary international artwork with high quality gemstones and precious metals.
Of particular interest are her necklaces and pendants with one-of-a-kind hand-painted Indian Hindu gods and goddesses. Each represents an aspect of life which is governed by or protected by the specific deity. Read more about this on the 'Indian Gods and Goddesses' page. Some of the most popular deities are Ganesh, Durga, Krishna, Sarasvati, Rama, Hanuman and Lakshmi.
In addition, icons such as the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Sacred Heart, and Saint Francis of Assisi and the Star of David are part of the collection.
Available pieces are shown on the shopping cart. Ariane creates custom pieces and gladly welcomes your inquiries. Use the Contact page to reach her.

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